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My name is Annette Burrell and I live at Paraparaumu Beach. I have a Social Science degree, am a registered teacher and have a post grad diploma in Early Intervention.(children with special needs). I have trained to be an accredited Journey Practitioner and am currently studying towards a Certifcate in Advanced Psychotherapy, through the Leela School in Australia.

I am the founder of my practice, the creator of The Inner Path retreats and the author of the inspirational cards. Doorway to Freedom, as well as many published articles.

I support people by listening deeply, by being non-judgemental, by not analysing, by helping people to go deeper than their thoughts, by caring.

During the past 9 years I have supported hundreds of people to transform their lives. I help people with a wide range of issues from generally feeling lost in life to recovering from major trauma. For example: John, a man in his 60’s, had been feeling vaguely lost for most of his life. After one session he jokingly called me a sorcerer because his relationship with his father was completely different. After 4 sessions he was feeling totally confident to pursue his dreams. Or, Marama, a woman in her 50’s, who had been sitting in a place of hate. Hating herself, hating those who abused her, hating those who didn’t save her. After a few sessions she was feeling relaxed, at peace and able to enjoy her life.

I invite you to subscribe to my email “Echoes of the Heart” for tips on living happily. And if you happen to know anyone who could benefit from results such as those of John and Marama, please suggest that they contact me for a free 15 minute conversation. And you are welcome to also. 

Emotional Therapy

Are you...

Emotional Therapy


Emotional Therapy


Emotional Therapy


Emotional Therapy


...Like A Dandelion

I went to see Annette because I was feeling lost, lacking direction, self worth and sense of belonging. Yes, quite a handful of negative emotions and I knew I had to deal with them. I have a wife, family, a house and a car so everything is fine yeah ? I needed to do something. The sessions were amazing. They were like a journey into my deepest inner being. Annette guided the process expertly throughout. I was able to reconnect, forgive myself and create new beginnings. Each session ended with a feeling of lightness and a fresh start. A heavy burden lifted from my shoulders. I cannot recommend Annette highly enough. Her work is fascinating and effective.


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