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My Story.

Becoming unwell.

After my 4 children (I also had another child who passed at 4 weeks) left home I noticed that my body was becoming tenser and tenser. On the surface life was great. Underneath, grumblings were going on. After a while, I developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other digestive complaints. I went on a search to fix my body. My body became depressed. I just wanted to go home. I was homesick. I visited several different professionals.

Finding the solution.

In amongst this my daughter in England sent me a book called The Journey. I read part of it and left it. Some months later I got it out again, and tried the process at the back – I got stuck. Gave up. Some time after this my eyes spotted a brochure for a Journey Practitioner. I put one in my handbag. A year later a Kinesiologist said that there was something that I needed to do to be accountable to myself. I said that I was thinking about training in a health modality, maybe to do with emotions. He asked my body questions and then asked me if I had heard of The Journey – Wow!! Out came the brochure, all tattered and ripped. I went to the website (www.thejourney.com) and looked at the training and thought, scary but maybe. Then I rang the Journey practitioner and made an appointment. I had a session – me, a fidgety and wriggly person, sat still for nearly 3 hours, inside myself.  Afterwards I felt tired and fragile and calm. The next morning, driving to work, I was overwhelmed by a very strong feeling of joy which just came up and enveloped me. I was unaccustomed to such a strong lovely feeling. I had another appointment 2 weeks later and continued the process of releasing old awful stuff and feeling more joy and calmness.

The Journey Training 

The following year, 2008, I did the training – going to Australia for a number of seminars, inviting people to try a session with me, writing up case studies. I loved the energy at the seminars. I loved being with other people who were uncovering their real selves. I loved the truth that was present. My body healed.

Life after the training.

My life carried on the same – going to work, relating to husband and children, gardening, doing hobbies etc. AND YET - MY LIFE WAS TOTALLY DIFFERENT. My awareness of life was deeper. I continued to develop and grow in awareness of myself.  I knew that home was inside me. Clients came.  

I attended more seminars, such as Visionary Leadership which was 3 separate weeks in Australia. I went to seminars as a trainer or support person and soaked in the energy even more.

I went on a pilgrimage to India for 3 weeks with Brandon Bays and other Journey Practitioners. My second trip to India was an advanced Journey seminar at Mt Arunachala. I have been twice since to the same sacred mountain. 

I ran one day retreats called The Inner Path – leading meditations, group Journey processes and self-inquiry. 

I wrote for 2 community newspapers – a small column of inspiration and self-inquiry, which led to publishing a set of inspirational cards. (see photo….and below for prices and availability)

In February 2013, I firstly attended a Journey Mastery seminar for Practitioners. Then a few days later I attended the Life’s Transformation week as a trainer, supporting Brandon Bays – this is 8 days of in-depth learning and experiencing being a practitioner. I also underwent a process where I forgave myself for something that happened 40 years ago. Afterwards I experienced a powerful sense of the universe loving me.

The following year I took a big step into the unknown – I left my husband of 42 years, lived on my own for some months, left my job of 25 years, moved to another part of the country (near 2 of our children) and bought a beautiful property with a beautiful man. After 11 months together we decided to separate and go different ways. It took 8 months to sell our property – plenty of time for more learning, more vulnerability, more opening, more allowing.

So then, I experienced more major changes to my life. New jobs, new town, and getting to know new people. This has created a super awareness of the strategies I use, the patterns of behaviour I have developed and provides me with opportunities to expand, let go of old stuff and open to the expansiveness of life. Opening to the love that life is.

I have continued to attend advanced Journey events including the Enneagram Masterclass with Kevin Billet in February 2017. The Journey Intensive weekend held in Kapiti in May 2017 was magical.

During 2017 I wrote for the Horowhenua Chronicle.

During 2018, I have been studying under the Leela School (Australia). This work is similar to Journeywork. It’s hard to find the words to describe it. Just know that it is very effective. It is direct and powerful. It is honouring of yourself with no judgement or analysing from me.

Buy my set of inspirational cards called Doorway to Freedom. See the photo. $34.50

Also available at Inspire Me Store, Palmerston North. 

                         Beau Cadeaux, Plimmerton. 

                         Koru Hub, Island Bay, Wellington

Find out how emotionally healthy you are

It was just a miracle. I felt desperate. My back had seized up. I went to Annette with no idea of what was about to happen. I arrived in pain and with no mobility in my back. I learnt to let go. The next day I had regained the movement in my back. It is now a year later and my back is still good. It was and is a miracle.


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