Emotional Therapy

What I offer...

I offer to support you to be free of that which limits you – your past, life’s difficulties, physical illness, stuck emotions, patterns of behaviour, negative self-beliefs.

I use a method called The Journey. It is for people who want real change in their lives.

A session with me is like a guided meditation or introspection. Your body contains everything – emotions. beliefs, issues, etc. In relaxing and following my words, your body awareness will guide you to the cause of the current issue, and with my guidance, you will be able to release the emotions and resolve the issue.

One-on-one sessions by appointment. Allow 2 to 3 hours. Cost $180.  Suggested package is 4 sessions with 25% discount. This includes coaching.  

One-on-one sessions for teenagers $90, children $45. 

One on one mentoring sessions in a cafe, here at my room, or in a garden somewhere. Cost $80. These may be a follow-up to a full appointment or coaching in conscious living.

 Group work.  For example, a entire birthing team could undergo a group Journey session to uncover and release any negative beliefs about the birthing process. Or a memorial session some time after a person has passed.

Please email or ring if you have questions. I am happy to have a free introductory discussion with you on the phone or even at a cafe.

Individual appointments take place at my home in Paraparaumu Beach, or at a room in Upper Hutt.

You can be free to live your life with love and joy.

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to Annette and the process of the journey, which has really opened myself up to being free from the past and experiencing joy and happiness in the now and future. Annette makes you feel completely welcome, safe and free to express what needs to come out. I totally recommend Emotional Therapy for anyone who truly wants to be free from the past, let go to have a wonderful joyous life. Thank you so much for helping me with my journey it was a truly amazing experience that I am forever grateful for.


Emotional Therapy
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Contact Annette: annette@theinnerpath.co.nz or phone: 021 299-7456

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