Emotional Therapy
Annette Burrell

A few words from me

Welcome. I’m Annette. My vision is for you to know your true self, and therefore be happy and fulfilled.

Do you want to be really heard? Confidentially with no judgement. Do you want to inquire into what unconscious stuff is running your life?

Or do you need supervision? Or  coaching? Our jobs or careers are not separate from what is happening personally. 

What about those labels you may have been given to explain what going on??  PTSD, addiction, depression, anxiety, ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience)? How about we investigate what they really mean in your case. 

What is it that you really want? For you.

Maybe you have a yearning for spiritual awakening? Nothing is separate – we can explore this too. If you want to.

I would be honoured to support you in exploring whichever part of you, you want to explore. Face to face (Paraparaumu), zoom or skype.

This work is called Leela Therapy. It is unique and true. For those who need a label for it to make sense to you, it is a combination of modalities including NLP, Cognitve-behavioural, Hypnotherapy, though a lense of Enneagram. 

Emotional Therapy

Are you...

Emotional Therapy


Emotional Therapy


Emotional Therapy


Emotional Therapy


...Like A Dandelion

This Therapy can help with:
suicidal thoughts
emotional exhaustion
physical issues
resolving the past
spiritual awakening

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