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Annette Burrell

A few words from me

My name is Annette Burrell. My vision is that every human being knows their true self, experiences inner peace and is happy.

I support people by listening deeply, by being non-judgemental, by not analysing, by guiding people to go deeper than their thoughts and emotions, by caring.

Do you want to be really heard? Are you willing to be truly honest with yourself? Do you want to inquire into what is really going on inside you?

Or do you need supervision? Or maybe coaching? Our jobs or careers are not separate from what is happening personally. Lets explore your patterns of being and whether you wish to carry on the same way, or change.

What about those labels you might think explain what going on??  PTSD, addiction, depression, anxiety, ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience)? How about we investigate what they really mean in your case. And do you want to let go of them? Are you willing to let go of them.

What is it that you really want?

Maybe you have a yearning for spiritual awakening? Nothing is separate – we can explore this too. If you want to.

I would be honoured to support you in exploring whichever part of you, you want to explore. Face to face (Paraparaumu), zoom or skype.

I have a Social Science degree in Psychology and Sociology. I am a registered teacher and have a post grad diploma in Early Intervention (children with special needs). I trained in The Journey many years ago and more recently I have completed 2 years to gain a Certificate in Advanced Psychotherapy, through the Leela School in Australia.

Emotional Therapy

Are you...

Emotional Therapy


Emotional Therapy


Emotional Therapy


Emotional Therapy


...Like A Dandelion

I went to see Annette because I was feeling lost, lacking direction, self worth and sense of belonging. Yes, quite a handful of negative emotions and I knew I had to deal with them. I have a wife, family, a house and a car so everything is fine yeah ? I needed to do something. The sessions were amazing. They were like a journey into my deepest inner being. Annette guided the process expertly throughout. I was able to reconnect, forgive myself and create new beginnings. Each session ended with a feeling of lightness and a fresh start. A heavy burden lifted from my shoulders. I cannot recommend Annette highly enough. Her work is fascinating and effective.


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