Emotional Therapy
Annette Burrell

A few words from me

Hey, I know things aren’t too good right now. Stressful, isn’t it.

Let me help.

Why work with me?

- I will truly listen to you.

- I will guide and lead you to the cause of what is bothering you.

- No judgment, no personal opinions from me.

- You do not need fixing, you need to allow your true self to run your life. 

- Confidential. 

- You learn to deeply relax. 

Face to face (Paraparaumu) or online.  Easy.

Contact me now to book a free chat or an appointment.    annette@theinnerpath.co.nz    021 2997 456

This is an investment in you and you are worth it. See next page for costs. 

Emotional Therapy

Are you...

Emotional Therapy


Emotional Therapy


Emotional Therapy


Emotional Therapy


...Like A Dandelion

This therapy can help with:
Burn out
Effects of trauma
Problems resulting in addiction
Physical issues
Over thinking
Emotional Pain
Life being out of balance

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